The light is given to us, nobody can take it away. The divine being gives and sends love, to our salvation, the whole time. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Balance and peace. Be a vessel of peace, that what you truly are. Bear love for the highest good of all and listen to love´s wise guidance forevermore.
The people who perceive themselves as separate and cannot feel unity are destroying others and themselves. They kill their own bodies, with their evil thoughts and actions. But they are not evil, because they do not know what they are doing. They do not feel the peace that is in divine love. And they do not know about the unity of all things.
Accept that the divine principle perfects everything in itself. The balance is automatically restored immediately, because the bad ends up killing itself.
It's time to get up and help someone. With unconditional love only. Just as it corresponds to the higher will. Trust guidance. In reality, death does not exist. You are not important. What are we more than dust in the wind? Incarnated here for a moment. To share love.
Divinity please help us to stay strong. And to be able to contribute through your love to the healing of all sentient beings and this planet for the highest good of the whole.
People are not bad just because they are ignorant. In the divine existence everything is already in balance and taken care of.
Although I still do not fully understand why so much bloodshed is necessary in this matrix, the divine plan seems to have these lessons foreseen, so that everyone can learn from them and one day rise above this phase and plane.
It is true that the kingdom of peace will come. We are led there. Every single one of us. It is obvious. There is no other way. This is actually a collective process. Everything is guided from the all-is-one, the One, the whole, to unity, to wholeness, to unconditional love. The people who for example torture animals actually many of them experience the worst tortures too. All the sickness people do have comes from wrong thinking and acting.
It is difficult to understand for the rational mind, but it is the grace of the divine to help us to become aware of it. It is all an awareness process.
Day and night, or any other dual phenomena, in that perception of 4. dimension consciousness, are as a fact only one phenomen. All is one, we only recognise it as dual parts in this dimension.
But we are multidimensional as human beings. We can be and also raise our vibration to the 5. dimension, where we no longer exist as seperate parts of one whole, and we can also realize our existence in the 6. dimension, where we realize, that we are the whole and have left our false identities behind. We too can experience the 7. dimension, where a body is no longer needed.
It is very important to understand to stop fighting with the different aspects of the multidimensional self in the 4. dimension.
It is life healing to recognize that if we are fighting, we are are fighting with your own self, who is not willing to accept the wholeness of the phenomenal world in the 4. dimension, because it is barbaric.
How can we deal with the barbaric 4. dimension perception of duality? Can we kill the night? Can we heal the night? We can only accept the night! And eventually we can percieve reality beyond the dual perception of day and night. There is no other way.
It really is the feeling of guilt, shame and fear who leads to that perception. Our past deeds, our karma, build our bodies, who are nothing but accumulated energy, dense matter, in reality only a very slow frequency. I have seen myself in frequencies once. The body is just a low vibrating frequency.
Without that karma the body would not be needed anymore.
Divinity is always unconditional, there for all, at every moment. From the 5. dimension it can flow in the 4. to people, who are open for healing. So their consciousness is uplifted. It is truly of importance on what we concentrate. That can bring the change we are looking for in this worldly life.
The unconditional love, the peace, the unity, the oneness, the divinity is always there. We have to emanate it, to make it come true. We are it, when we allow us to be. To be in that dimension of reality, is being peaceful and unconditionally loving. It is our chance for peace on earth.
There is much more to that. And there are also more dimensions, it is told there are twelve. But I had never been a scientist or anthroposoph. So enough for today.
I know I have been incredibly supported by the love of the One in many ways. I am very grateful for that. My prayer today goes to all people and animals who are in pain right now.