On the devotional path, to be completely immersed in the Loving Presence is called surrender. We don’t "do" surrender; it happens as we ripen in love. Surrender is the same as being fully in the moment. Maharaj-ji [Neem Karoli Baba] used to say, ”Guru, God, and Self are one.” To truly be here means that we're residing in that awareness. We deal with whatever comes from that place, seeing and accepting everything as is. This doesn't mean we don't try to change the things that need changing, but our actions come from a very different place - a place free from fear or expectation. If we still worry and have tension and anxiety, then we haven’t surrendered. If the mind has not stopped its obsessive chattering and we still believe everything it tells us, we haven't surrendered. Surrender is the goal of the path of devotion. For me, surrender means being lost in love.


~ Krishna Das


...from "Chants of a Lifetime"