KOCHI:- 'Sooryayog' exponent Sooryaji will lead a 50-member team of pilgrims to a 12-day spiritual journey to Kailash and Mansarovar in the awe-inspiring Himalayas from June 24th.

This is for the sixth-time that Dr Sooryaji, who popularised the sun-centered meditation technique, is undertaking the unique pilgrimage.

The devotees accompanying him will get a chance to practice Sooryayog that has the power to remove all negativities of the mind and all illnesses of the body. They will also perform daily agnihotra,meditation,music therapy,swara yoga,satsang, special poojas, including Gayatri havan at Mt. Kailash.

''A team from national medias,musicians,healers,spiritual masters,yoga exponents are accompanying us,'' said Dr Sooryaji, adding that all the preparations for this year's yatra had been completed.

''Instead of going by traditional road route, we will opt helicopter. All the team members will be provided five-star accommodation and other facilities. We will also carry food items for cooking during the journey,'' he said in a statement.

''Since we are committed to environmental protection and hygiene, we will also carry a chemical toilet with us.''

It was going to be an interesting yatra as every participant was requested to carry at least one musical instrument. ''It will make the evenings more entertaining,'' he added.

The team will reach Mt. Kailsh/Lake Manasarovar on a full moon day. Many believe that taking a dip in the lake on a full moon day washes away the sins of their current and past 100 lives. Doing a Kora around Mt Kailash during the full moon is considered very auspicious. Walking around the lake 108 times is said to be the way to attain Nirvana in Hindu faith.

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