Warum Yoga? 


Ich möchte meine Erfahrungen und mein Wissen zum Wohle anderer Menschen und des Ganzen gerne weitergeben. Ich möchte es nicht für mich alleine behalten. Dieses Wissen will geteilt werden. Es ist die überfließende Energie und Liebe des Kosmos. Sie ist nicht für einen alleine da, sondern für uns alle. So wie nichts in dieser Natur nur für sich selber existiert. 


Ich habe das große Glück gehabt Lehrern zu begegnen, die selbstlos waren, sonst hätte ich mir meine Ausbildungen nicht leisten können. Es waren und sind Menschen, die die Energie des All-Einen in die Dualität tragen und anderen auf ihrem Befreiungsweg damit helfen. Befreiung ist Heilung. Die spirituelle Heilung ist die höchste Form der Heilung, weil sie dauerhaft ist.


Dieser Weg wird auch der weglose Weg genannt, weil er in die Ewigkeit führt. Er führt uns über Raum und Zeit hinaus, in die Einheit der Existenz. Einer Einheit, in der Vollkommenheit liegt, die heil ist. Wenn wir unser Einssein mir ihr spüren und erfahren, werden auch wir wieder heil. Deswegen unterrichte ich Yoga, den Weg in die Einheit. 


About Hatha Yoga, Integral Yoga, Reiki and Siddha Param Para. 

What is yoga? Yoga means union. It is the union of the individual with the universal consciousness. Or better said the realization of that union. 

Therefore according to the siddha tradition it is essential that we become aware of the thought based - emotional distortions who feed the illusion of separation. It is inevitable for progress to cut the root, means to see through the constantly self created world by our own thought based- emotional process, the karmic body. One could also call this to transform the mind. So one of the important tools of siddha yoga is contemplation of the aspirant by himself. 

Pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi are here seen as states of consciousness or realisation, what they in fact truly are. 

The first step of this process is shaktipath, because the process has to be initiated. Shaktipath is the transmission of the enlightened consciousness and its energy ( which in fact are the same, only appearing on different energy frequency levels to the human perception) to the aspirant. By that the consciousness of the aspirant is awakened as well and he or she is freed from distortions of the thought-emotion based lower self and evolves in the higher Self in an ongoing process, until one is established in the higher Self. This can take lifetimes and it can only be done by a true perceptor, by an enlightened being, who is an emanation of the spiritual intelligence. Who is pure enough to be a vessel of source energy, who is source and so is able to emanate source. At the same time the aspirants honesty is needed. Otherwise one will not find a true teacher. Because he/she is a reflection of us. We are the seed and he or she is the flower. In reality it is all us. 

The essence of siddha path is siddha param para the awakening of consciousness. We cannot learn it. We cannot buy it. It cannot be done, sold, corrupted, manipulated or misused. It is source and source energy made conscious. It is utmost purity, divine grace and that is its beauty. 

I have been practising Integral Yoga and teaching Hatha Yoga since over 20 years. When i got initiated in Reiki 7 years ago a new experience appeared. Reiki is also a siddha tradition which initiates an aspirant on a spiritual path, in the original sense, as taught by Mikao Usui. At first this had irritated me a lot. 

With the Hatha Yoga practise we often bring energy up the spine, with Reiki we bring it through the crown down the spine. In Hatha Yoga it is said that when ida and pingala are balanced and chakras open kundalini rises up the spine from its root and enlightens the brain. In Reiki the master transfers the cosmic energy through the crown chakra down the spine and awakens the chakras and kundalini. 

So what was that? 
After some experience I realized what holds all togeather. It is the activation of consciousness, truly in the head, by activating the upper glands. It is true what my guru Jivanmukti says that our 'spiritual heart' is in the head. 

Hatha yoga teaches us techniques to prepare us for awakening and give us techniques to awaken kundalini, the energy of consciousness, by ourselves. These techniques we learn from a yoga teacher or master to do them properly. The yoga instructor gives you techniques by which one evolves by itself, when practised in the right way. Guidance is also here essential, because one has to know the proper way to practice. But the awakening happens by itself through the sadhana.

In the Reiki tradition the master initiates the disciple. It is the masters awakened consciousness who helps the aspirant to awaken as well. Only one of the Reiki teachers I met went deeper into the original path of Mikao Usui. Nearly no one in the west knows how to guide the whole process of the original Reiki tradition taught by Mikao Usui anymore. Reiki became first of all a healing practise. While healing is only one ability of the awakened consciousness. 

According to that and a deep connection with the yogic tradition it was inevitable for me to meet Jivanmukti to guide me further with Siddha Param Para. Awakening, becoming aware of source and oneness, is only a step of our spiritual journey. After that we evolve further. We call this refinement, further transformation and integration, until we become completely established in the higher Self. And as there is no beginning or end that also is not the end.
The Siddha Yoga path is a path to realize yoga, the union with ones divine essence, like Hatha Yoga and Reiki is. Similar to Reiki the awareness of ones own divinity is here initiated by shaktipath deeksha, done by a siddha yoga guru. This initiation leads one into the awareness of higher states of consciousness. The disciple is guided by his or her guru through the process. By guru, grace and ones own effort and practise one will realize divinity and loose the illusion of separation in an ongoing process. This path can be initiated properly and lead rightly through the whole process only by an enlightened being. 

All is a process. Only an awakened one can guide others to awakening. Even samadhi is a process. From awakening in samadhi, to transform in samadhi, to become integrated in samadhi, to complete liberation in samadhi. Such a being, who can guide us on that level is very rare. Only one who is liberated can lead others to liberation as well. 

In reality even the whole process of evolving is an illusion. The flowers of heaven are already blooming the whole time, if we can only recognize them.
Eternal thanks
Ma Dhyan Bodha, 27.6.2018