KOCHI:- 'Sooryayog' exponent Sooryaji will lead a 50-member team of pilgrims to a 12-day spiritual journey to Kailash and Mansarovar in the awe-inspiring Himalayas from June 24th.

This is for the sixth-time that Dr Sooryaji, who popularised the sun-centered meditation technique, is undertaking the unique pilgrimage.

The devotees accompanying him will get a chance to practice Sooryayog that has the power to remove all negativities of the mind and all illnesses of the body. They will also perform daily agnihotra,meditation,music therapy,swara yoga,satsang, special poojas, including Gayatri havan at Mt. Kailash.

''A team from national medias,musicians,healers,spiritual masters,yoga exponents are accompanying us,'' said Dr Sooryaji, adding that all the preparations for this year's yatra had been completed.

''Instead of going by traditional road route, we will opt helicopter. All the team members will be provided five-star accommodation and other facilities. We will also carry food items for cooking during the journey,'' he said in a statement.

''Since we are committed to environmental protection and hygiene, we will also carry a chemical toilet with us.''

It was going to be an interesting yatra as every participant was requested to carry at least one musical instrument. ''It will make the evenings more entertaining,'' he added.

The team will reach Mt. Kailsh/Lake Manasarovar on a full moon day. Many believe that taking a dip in the lake on a full moon day washes away the sins of their current and past 100 lives. Doing a Kora around Mt Kailash during the full moon is considered very auspicious. Walking around the lake 108 times is said to be the way to attain Nirvana in Hindu faith.

For further details;

Call:- 9113065519, 8277316465

Email:- store.. sooryayog.


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Pilgrimage to Mount Kailash

Who is ready for a spiritual pilgrimage to Mount Kailash? Your guide will be the enlightened master Soorya Jowell. Connect if you are sincerly interested.



June 24 Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu, meet by our officer and transfer to hotel. Hotel Shangrila

June 25 Day 02: After breakfast, Kathmandu sightseeing tour & fly to Nepalgunj (1 hr) in the afternoon and rest. Hotel Kalpataru or Hotel Siddhartha

June 26 Day 03: Early morning, fly to Simikot (1 hr by aircraft) & continue flight to Hilsa (15 min by helicopter) then after short walk to cross border (10 min) then drive to Taklakot (1 hr) completing immigration formalities in China side. Hotel Himalaya or Hotel Purang

June 27 Day 04: Rest at Purang for acclimatization – Hotel Himalaya or Hotel Purang

June 28 Day 05: Drive, Purang to Lake Manasarovar (Chiu Gompa) – 4560 m / 2 hrs. Guesthouse

June 29 Day 06: Drive, Chiugompa to Darchen (4700m / 40 km / 1 hr) Remaining Group will stay at Darchen over night at Hotel & for Inner Kora Group, they will continue trekking to Diraphuk. Guesthouse

June 30 Day 07: Short drive from Darchen to Sherson/Yamadwar (8 km / 30 min) and start trekking to Diraphuk (4950m) – 14 km / 5 hrs. While Inner Kora group members will go for excursion hike to Charan Sparsh towards North face of Mt. Kailash & back to Diraphuk for overnight stay. Guesthouse

July 01 Day 08: Continue trekking to Zuthulphuk (4850m) via Dolma-la pass (5600 m) & Inner kora group trek via Kuber Kunda & Khangsela pass (5600m) – 22 km / 9 hrs. Guesthouse

July 02 Day 09: Finish Trek near Darchen (1.5 hrs) & Drive back to Purang and continue exit to Hilsa (3 hrs). Overnight stay at Hilsa. Guesthouse

July 03 Day 10: Early morning, helicopter will receive you from Hilsa to Simikot and stay in Simikot OR fly to Nepalgunj if weather & flight permit and stay in Nepalgunj. Hotel Simikot Inn or Hotel Kalpataru

July 04 Day 11: 11th morning after breakfast, you will flight to Kathmandu and rest day at free. Hotel Shangrila

July 05 Day 12: Departure from Kathmandu.



Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu
Arrival in Kathmandu at Tribhuvan International Airport, meet by our representative with warm welcome then transferred to Hotel. At evening, short briefing program on tour by our tour manager and dinner. Overnight Hotel

Day 02: Kathmandu City Tour & Fly to Nepalgunj
Breakfast in the hotel. And go for sightseeing visit of Pashupatinath temple & Budhanilkantha Vishnu temple (sleeping Vishnu).
Afternoon: After lunch, transfer to domestic airport for your flight to Nepalgunj. Our representative will receive you at the airport and transfer to Hotel.
Overnight Hotel
• Kathmandu to Nepalgunj: 1 hour flight
• A normal transport (non-ac) will be available in Nepalgunj

Day 03: Fly to Simikot (by aircraft) & to Hilsa (by helicopter) then drive to Taklakot
Very early morning, you should be ready to go to the airport for your flight to Simikot. Normally, the flight leaves for Simikot at around 6.00 am, if there is a clear weather in all places (Nepalgunj, en route and Simikot). Delay by an hour OR two is quite normal in this sector. So, passengers are requested not be panic.
The flight requires about an hour to reach Simikot. Our representative in Simikot will assist for completing immigration formalities and then arrange charter helicopter to fly Hilsa (Nepal border), our local representative in Hilsa will receive you and escorted to his house (tea shop). Here, you have to halt until all group members arrive. Travelers are requested to have patient and let us arrange everything smoothly because we have to wait our Tibetan guide to come border to receive us along with all permit and military formalities which may takes few time to receive us. Then after we cross border to Tibet and it takes about an hour to reach Taklakot (Purang - 3700 m.) by drive from Sher (China border).
Overnight Hotel Purang or Hotel Himalaya (triple sharing room with attached bathroom)
• Nepalgunj to Simikot: 50 min (by Twin otter aircraft OR Dronier aircraft with 16 seats)
• If the weather is not good in Simikot OR en route to Simikot, the flight will be canceled
• Simikot to Hilsa: 15 minutes by B2 (Euro copter) Helicopter with 5 or 6 seats
• Hilsa to Sher trek: 10 minutes
• Sher to Taklakot drive: 1 hour by bus

Day 04: Acclimatization Day.
Today you will rest in Taklakot (Purang) for acclimatization with light walking around Taklakot town to adjust your body with Tibet climate.
Overnight Hotel Purang or Hotel Himalaya (triple sharing room with attached bathroom)

Day 05: Drive, Purang to Lake Manasarovar (Chiu Gompa) – 4560 m.
Early morning (after breakfast) you will depart for Lake Manasarovar (4560 m- Chui Gompa). On the way, we will take a short break in Rakshas Taal (Lake Ravana) to see the breathtaking views of Rakshas Taal with back ground view of holy mount Kailash. Pilgrims can take holy dip and perform homage to Mt. Kailash & Mansarovar as per their own religious way in Lake Manasarovar.
Overnight Guesthouse OR similar (all dormitory room)–Dharamsala type with Tibetan toilet
• The distance of Manasarovar circumambulation: 72 km
• Taklakot to Lake Manasarovar with Parikrama: 4 hours

Day 06: Drive, Chiu Gompa to Darchen (4700 m)
Morning, again you have one more opportunity to pay homage in Lake Manasarovar with puja or darshan. After lunch, drive to Darchen, the base camp of Mt. Kailash to start parikrama. It takes approx. an hour to reach Darchen on your vehicle and rest day at free in Darchen. You can stroll around markets to buy any necessary equipment for Kailash Kora. Overnight at Hotel Himalaya or Similar (triple or quadruple room with attached bathroom)
• Lake Manasarovar to Darchen – 1 hour drive

Day 07: Yama Dwar Darshan then start trek to Diraphuk (4920 m)
Morning drive to Yama Dwar (OR Serson, / 4750m), the auspicious gateway to the Parikrama (circuit) around the Mt. Kailash.
Yama Dwar is the place, from where the group, normally, splits in two parts. Some members will start attempting Parikrama and some will return back to Darchen and wait for those members who have gone for Parikrama.
MEMBERS WHO JOINED PARIKRAMA: You will start trekking from “Yama Dwar” to Diraphuk. The trail is quite easy & flat. You have to cross the river a couple of time, other than this, it is quite easy day today. Roughly, you will be crossing 15 km today and it takes around 5 hours.
MEMBERS WHO DIDN'T JOIN THE PARIKRAMA: After having Darshan from Yamadwar, you will be returning back to Darchen and wait for those who have gone for Parikrama. (Note: As per package plan, your stay will be in Normal Guesthouse at Darchen, but if the group decides to upgrade the stay in better hotel then they have to pay supplement cost for upgrade hotel.)
Overnight at Guesthouse (very basic accommodation with dormitory bed room)
• Darchen to Yam Dwar: 15 minutes drive
• Yama Dwar to Diraphuk trek: 14 km / 5 hrs (approximately 18 km)

Day 08: Trek to Zuthulphuk (4780 m) via Dolma La Pass (5600 m)
MEMBERS WHO JOINED PARIKRAMA: Early morning start uphill trekking to Dolma-La (5600 m). Today is the toughest day of this journey. The entire trail up to Dolma-La rapidly up. The holiest water pool (glacial lake – Gauri kunda) is just situated beyond the Dolma-La. This is the lake, people believe, where Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva takes bath. From Dolma-La the trail rapidly drops down to the valley floor (Zuthulphuk).
After making downhill trek to the valley (the next side of the high pass), the trek up to Zuthulphuk Gomba requires another two hours. From the valley floor, the trail is flat all the way to Darchen. Today, you will be crossing approximately 22 km in 8 to 9 hours time.
Overnight Local Guesthouse (very basic accommodation with dormitory bed room)
• Deraphuk to Zutulphuk Gomba: 22km / 8 to 9 hours trek (approximately)

Day 09: Finish Trek near Darchen & Drive back to Purang & Exit to Hilsa
MEMBERS WHO JOINED PARIKRAMA: Today, you will complete your trekking (Parikrama), near Darchen the trek period will be about 1.5 hours for 8 km distance and in the trek end point where you will find our vehicles waiting to fetch you to Darchen and meet with all rest group members. Parikrama group will have few minutes for refresh and breakfast, then we will continue our journey to Purang (2 hours journey). Pack lunch will be provided by our staff team at hotel in Darchen or Purang. Guide will assist us for immigration in Purang and then drive down to Sher border accompany by Police officer and see off us all to exit Hilsa. After final customs formalities, you will move down to Hilsa (Nepal Border) by crossing Suspension bridge of Karnali River.
Upon arrival in Hilsa, you will have to keep patience with rest in Hilsa guesthouse for a while as our priority will be to try best for Simikot flight. You will be called for helicopter flight once our representative confirms the schedule. The helicopter will be shortly arrives and our Hilsa representative will assist you to board in Helicopter for flight to Simikot. Stay overnight at Simikot as per itinerary. However, if there is any unexpected situation due to bad weather & flight unavailability schedule then we may have to stay overnight in Hilsa at Guesthouse.
Moreover, if the weather conditions and flight schedule favor us to fly from Simikot to Nepalgunj, we will continue our flight further to Nepalgunj as well. If there is still any passengers remain in Simikot, we will request to keep patience for all rest members as we will continue our flight on next day from early morning to keep our program as per schedule.
Overnight Guesthouse (dormitory room with common toilet) - basic available
• Zuthulphuk to trek ending point: 1.5 hours walk - 08 km (approx.)
• Trek ending point to Purang: 2 hours drive
• Purang to Sher drive: 1 hour
• Sher to Hilsa trek: 10 min
• Hilsa to Simikot: 15 minutes flight by Helicopter

Day 10: Fly to Simikot by Heli & Fly to Nepalgunj by aircraft
Today morning have breakfast and be prepare to fly Simikot from Hilsa. The helicopter will be shortly arrives and our Hilsa representative will assist you to board in Helicopter for flight to Simikot. If the weather conditions and flight schedule favor us to fly from Simikot to Nepalgunj, we will continue our flight further to Nepalgunj. If there is still any passengers remain in Simikot or all passengers remain in Simikot due to weather problem, we will request to keep patience for all as we will continue our flight on next day from early morning to keep our program according to our schedule.
Overnight Hotel in Simikot or Hotel Kalpataru in Nepalgunj
• Hilsa to Simikot: 15 minutes flight by Helicopter
• Simikot to Nepalgunj: 50 minutes flight by aircraft

Day 11: Fly, Simikot – Nepalgunj (fixed wing aircraft) - Kathmandu
In early morning take breakfast and be ready for domestic flight to Nepalgunj from Simikot. Similarly, you will receive by our Nepalgunj representative and will manage for your onward destination to Kathmandu as per available flight schedule. Our tour officer in Kathmandu will meet you in the airport and transfer to hotel. Rest & relax in hotel with warm refreshment.
Overnight Hotel
• Simikot to Nepalgunj: 50 min flight by aircraft
• Nepalgunj to Kathmandu: 50 min flight by aircraft

Day 12: Departure from Kathmandu
Transfer to Tribhuvan International airport for your flight back


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Free sunlight meditation with Swami Sooryaji

VENUE:JALALINGAM TEMPLE Gua Charas,Panching, Kuantan,Pahang
Pls share with your good friends.
Everyone will get sun blessings..for..more informations pls call MR.SAM
013 3799262👈

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Positive vibrations from Shivani. Raise and shine. BK Shivani is a Raja Yoga Meditation Teacher and has been studying spiritual knowledge and practicing the ancient technique of Raja Yoga Meditation.

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"Whatever may be disturbing you,
simply be aware of it, but don't identify with it.
Even the one who seems to be suffering it,
even this one is not your true Self.
You are the intelligent, spacious awareness
in which all experiencing happens and is perceived.

The most important thing in life
is to wake up to who you truly are.
You are not merely a personal being.
You are the living spirit of Truth.
You are the light of consciousness revealing all.
You are the perceiving presence
devoid of desire and attachment.
You are the wisdom and love
that shines from the source of existence."


"Your true Self, pure beingness,
looks without the need
to create or even to interpret.
How can it look like this?
Because it is complete.
It wants nothing.
The world cannot give your beingness anything,
any more than the moon can give
some light to the sun."


"There is no such thing as alone, if it is not in our minds first."


"The ego wants you to believe that letting go is work, when in fact it's the opposite, and holding onto junk is the real effort. Freedom is as close as opening your hand."


IN: SHAMBALLA by Martin Kimble

Picture by Unknown


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One Creator. Truth is His name. Doer of everything. Fearless, Revengeless, Undying, Unborn, Self-illumined, The Guru's gift, Meditate! True in the beginning. True through all the ages. True even now. Oh Nanak, it is forever true.

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Beloved Osho


"Being simply is. There is no evolution, there is no time involved in it. It is eternity, it is not "becoming." Nothing needs to be added to it, nothing can be added to it. It's a creation of existence. It comes out of perfection, hence it is perfect." Osho


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The Tao doesn't take sides.
It gives birth to both good and evil.
The Master doesn't take sides.
He welcomes both saints and sinners.


The Tao is like a bellows:
it is empty yet infinitely capable.
The more you use it, the more it produces;
the more you talk of it, the less you understand.


Hold on to the center.


~ Lao Tzu ("Tao Te Ching", v.5)


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On the devotional path, to be completely immersed in the Loving Presence is called surrender. We don’t "do" surrender; it happens as we ripen in love. Surrender is the same as being fully in the moment. Maharaj-ji [Neem Karoli Baba] used to say, ”Guru, God, and Self are one.” To truly be here means that we're residing in that awareness. We deal with whatever comes from that place, seeing and accepting everything as is. This doesn't mean we don't try to change the things that need changing, but our actions come from a very different place - a place free from fear or expectation. If we still worry and have tension and anxiety, then we haven’t surrendered. If the mind has not stopped its obsessive chattering and we still believe everything it tells us, we haven't surrendered. Surrender is the goal of the path of devotion. For me, surrender means being lost in love.


~ Krishna Das


...from "Chants of a Lifetime"


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Lord Ram gave Hanuman a quizzical look
and said, "What are you, a monkey or a man?"


Hanuman bowed his head reverently,
folded his hands and said,
"When I do not know who I am, I serve You and
when I do know who I am, You and I are One."


~ Tulsidas

...from "Ramcharitmanas"

Picture by Unkown

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Divine Affirmations

Wunderschöne Affirmationskarten von ESTRANEA Natalia Sewerynska

Affirmationen können unsere Realität verändern.


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- Anleitungen zur Tiefenentspannung für Anfänger findest du HIER

- Anleitungen für Yoga Nidra findest du HIER


Picture by Ma Dhyan Bodha


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When the mind has nothing to 'do' anymore it vanishes like a white cloud in the sky
Suddenly the no-thingness
The flower blossoms come rain or shine
A bird sings
The being

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To radically step out of the pattern of re- acting leads to spiritual bliss.
To detach from the outside leads inside.
To connect inside deepens absorption.
The deeper the absorption the more bliss.

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A blessed New Year to all






"I have embraced your hatred towards humanity so many times,

that all hatred may now evaporate from your mind."


Taoshobuddha Taosho


Rauhnachtziehung 28.12.2017

Namaste liebe Yoginis & Yogis & Yogafreunde,
die Rauhnächte dauern ja insgesamt 12 Nächte und nachdem nun der kürzeste Tag und die längste Nacht (Jule, die Wintersonnenwende) wieder hinter uns liegen bereitet sich unter der noch kalten Erde ein neues Erwachen vor. Unsere germanischen Ahnen nutzen die Rauhnächte, um sich auf dieses neue Erwachen im neuen Jahr vorzubereiten. Die Innenschau mit Hilfe von Orakeln war weit verbreitet. Diesem alten Brauch entsprechend, möchte ich hier ein online Orakel empfehlen und meine Ziehung von heute mit euch teilen.
Ich habe heute die Karte ´´´das Erlebnis´´ gezogen, was für mich ein eindeutiger Aufruf ist mich vom Schreibtisch und Computer, an dem ich die letzten zwei Jahre viel gearbeitet habe, wieder zu verabschieden (wen es interessiert, das Ergebnis dieser Arbeit findet ihr unter
"Eine "Erfahrung" kann man im Notizbuch abheften oder auf einen Film bannen und ins Fotoalbum kleben. Ein Erlebnis versetzt uns in Staunen, gibt uns das prickelnde Gefühl von Gemeinsamkeit, ist die sanfte Berührung der Verbundenheit mit unserer Umwelt. Die Frau auf dieser Karte berührt nicht nur einen Baum, sie ist mit ihm verbunden, ist fast eins mit ihm geworden. Es ist ein alter Baum, der vieles erlebt hat. Sie berührt ihn zärtlich und ehrfürchtig. Die weiße Innenseite ihres Umhangs spiegelt ihr reines Herz wider. Sie ist demütig und schlicht - so sollten wir uns der Natur nähern. Die Natur kündigt es weder mit Trommelschlägen an, wenn sie erblüht, noch stimmt sie Klagelieder an, wenn die Bäume im Herbst die Blätter abwerfen. Aber wenn wir uns ihr mit Ehrfurcht nähern, verrät sie uns viele Geheimnisse. Wenn du in letzter Zeit das Flüstern der Natur nicht gehört hast, ist es jetzt Zeit, ihr Gelegenheit dazu zu geben."
Vielleicht magst du ja auch eine Karte ziehen, die dir vielleicht einen für dich wichtigen Hinweis gibt:
Ich wünsche euch allen Frieden, Hamonie, Gelassenheit und wahre Liebe, die immer tief in uns sind, egal wo wir sind, egal was passiert.
Hari om
Ma Bodha
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Spiritual poetry by Lisa Michaelis

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Atma Bodha - Adi Shankaracharya

This book is a must read for the true seeker. Klick the link below to get the free pdf copy. 




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Summer in the city 2017 - Köln, bei gutem Wetter 1 x wöchentlich outdoor Yoga auf Spendenbasis. Ort und Zeit auf Anfrage.

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Neue flyer 2017

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Garuda heißt der mythologische Adler, das Reittier von Gott Vishnu, dem Erhalter des Universums. Garudasana ist eine Haltung, die dir helfen kann innere Stärke zu entwickeln und dich ins Gleichgewicht zu bringen. Bei dieser Haltung geht es darum dich der Energie Vishnus zu öffnen. Weiter unten findest du Videos u.a. von Yoga Vidya über Garudasana.

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In memory to Swamiji Satyananda Saraswati





Worldwide Satyananda Supporters
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Internationaler Yoga Tag

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Satchitananda von Socrates Geens - Klick Bild

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Jivanmukti spricht über die Bedeutung von Gurupurnima


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Klick Foto zur webseite
Klick Foto zur webseite


Siddhar Tradition... 



Schriften betonen die Formlosigkeit des Göttlichen. So wird Shiva hauptsächlich in symbolischer Form, dem Linga oder dem Dreizack, verehrt. Der wichtigste Feiertag ist Mahashivaratri, bei dem die Verehrung des Lingam im Mittelpunkt steht. SIVA verkörpert das formlose Göttliche/Nichts, welches alles enthält und dem alles entspringt. So auch SI, der statische Aspekt des Bewusstseins und VA, seine dynamische Energie.

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Neo Advaita

Papaji und sein Schüler Mooji. Zwei große Lehrer der Nicht-Dualität. Erleuchtete Menschen.  


"Introduce yourself directly to this moment."




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Open the lotus heart

"In your body is the garden of flowers.

Take a seat on the thousand petals of the lotus

& there gaze on the infinite beauty."



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