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In den Siddha Traditionen findet man heute noch die ursprüngliche und reine Yogalehre, bei der der Schüler durch einen erleuchteten Meister in Yoga initiiert wird. Shaiva Siddhanta ist eine der großen Traditionslinien des Shivaismus, neben Tamil Siddhanta, Kaschmirischen Shivaismus, Natha Yoga und Virashaiva. Es gibt zahlreiche shivaitische Gruppierungen, und viele von ihnen praktizieren Yoga und Tantra. Shaiva Siddhanta ist tantrischer Shivaismus, eine Tradition, die einst in ganz Indien bestand und später, durch muslimische Einflüsse im Norden, auf Südindien begrenzt wurde. Die Siddhanta Yoga Tradition wird von 18 heiligen Siddhar Yoga Meistern begründet. Siddha Patanjali, Siddha Boghanatha, Siddha Thirumulanatha, Siddha Dattatreya und andere sind Heilige dieser Linie. 



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Reiki - A siddha perspective


"Through Siddha Kundalini Shaktipat  one gets awaken. For some the process of awakening may take time. It means that one may not even notice any changes or notice just slight changes for the first months. Some people experience tremendous shift right away with strong vibrations spreading all over their body and mind from within. This charge or current transforms and shifts the body consciousness to subtler vortexes of consciousness right away. However, it takes time, personal practice and dedication to balance oneself in a new state, to establish oneself on a certain spiritual level and go further with that. Thus, after awakening only a small amount of people can experience the progressive (rapid spiritual growth within years) transformation to perfection within a lifetime...


After the awakening healing is natural and spontaneous. It is everywhere where the awaken person steps. The subtler is the conscious perception and realization of self - the stronger are the healing currents of the peace joy bliss, spreading around that persona. Energy healing and all the nonsense of the new-age has absolutely no meaning and looks like a childish play without complete Kundalini awakening. With the awakening it becomes a natural part of one’s being and is spontaneous. It is the conscious presence that heals without intention. 

In the system of Reiki healing as we know it from the historical evidence Mikao Usui - the founder of the healing system first got awakening and spiritual self-realization, and then created the system. The sacredness of the system stood on passing Kundalini awakening in the form of Shaktipat from a master to a disciple and activating disciples’ potential to spiritually transform and as well serve other fellow beings by giving healing. It is one of the Buddhist traditions to the day. Many Buddhist monks who experienced Kundalini awakening performed healing. They may camouflage their healing with external rituals, mantras, or other resonance technique for self-tuning, or sometimes complicated symbols. The fact remains that without Kundalini awakening all those techniques would be a mere theatrical nonsense that wouldn't work."

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